Here’s looking at you Lending Club

Here’s looking at you Lending Club

Two years ago I took an interest in an up-and-coming fintech company called Lending Club.

Today they listed on the New York Stock Exchange, achieving an astounding valuation of $8.9bn in the process.

Here are a few stories that illustrate how we got from San Francisco start-up to NYSE listing.

The New York Stock Exchange on Lending Club listing day
The New York Stock Exchange on Lending Club listing day

Mack joins board of peer-to-peer lender – April 2012

Mack moves to cutting edge of P2P lending – April 2012

Meeker joins Mack at Lending Club – June 2012

Peer-to-peer lender taps Wells executive – January 2013

Peer-to-peer lending platforms look to rival traditional banks – January 2013

Fledgling P2P industry eyes progress – June 2013

P2P lenders turn to securitisation deals – October 2013

Big banks muscle in on peer-to-peer lending – October 2013

Peer-to-peer lender looks to secure credit rating – November 2013

Wells Fargo bans staff from investing in P2P loans – January 2014

P2P lenders install investor speed bumps – February 2014

Wells Fargo reverses ban on staff making P2P loans – March 2014

SoFi $80m fundraising paves way for growth beyond student loans – April 2014

Prosper lives up to moniker with $650m valuation – May 2014

Peer-to-peer lending: The wisdom of crowds – May 2014

Lending Club IPO seeks $5bn valuation – June 2014

Peer-to-peer comes of age as Wall Street muscles in – September 2014

OnDeck Capital eyes joining peer-to-peer IPO drive – September 2014

Lending Club picks NYSE for landmark IPO – October 2014

Mohamed El-Erian backs peer-to-peer lender Payoff – October 2014

Payoff pokes fun at architecture of America’s financial system – October 2014

Santander and BlackRock work on first rated P2P securitisations – November 2014

Lending Club boosts size of planned IPO – November 2014

Early investors to make big gains on Lending Club IPO – December 2014

Lending Club IPO rides easy money wave – December 2014

Lending Club valued at $5.4bn in IPO – December 2014

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